Learning music can have an interdisciplinary impact and helps IB students understand the surrounding world. PYP students have worked hard under the guidance of their music teacher, Mrs. Susanna Mäki, to turn Units of Inquiry themes into attractive rap songs. It turns out that it is possible! Read more and see the videos!

The PYP3 studied a Unit of Inquiry on “Exchange: producing, buying and selling products involve many decisions¨. With their music teacher, Ms. Susanna Mäki the students put together a piece on how to build an instrument. They made many decisions on the steps of getting the instrument ready. Surely Brother John can build a wooden shaker with these instructions!

“Role Models” was the last UOI that the PYP4 studied. With help from Ms. Susanna the students put together a rap on the topic. The students concluded that you do not need to be a superstar to be an excellent role model. Listen here for some good qualities that make you a good candidate. Can you also spot the beatboxing and echo effect! The backing track used in this performance can be found on YouTube.

The PYP5 had ¨Sharing the Planet – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle¨ as their Unit of Inquiry. Our fantastic students worked on the theme during the music lessons, sharing their thoughts into rap lyrics. Together with Ms. Maki they arranged the piece into a performance.