How to enroll to Wroclaw International School?

We cordially invite children and youth – candidates to WIS!

WIS is running the admission procedures throughout the whole school year. Children and youth of all nationalities may seek admission to the school.

To enroll a child to WIS please contact our Admission Officer:

or phone: +48 71 782 26 20 or +48 71 782 26 27

Please read HERE the information concerning coronavirus prevention procedures at our school, which are related to the enrollment procedures!

WIS Admission Policy

WIS does not discriminate against gender, race, nationality, or religion.

  • WIS accepts students for placement in Pre-Kindergarten (aged 4) to MYP5 (Grade 10) (aged 15).
  • WIS accepts students of all nationalities. Polish nationals are accepted, providing they are not subject to the regulations of the Polish Ministry of Education.
  • WIS is currently unable to assist students with major learning disabilities. WIS employs a school counselor, who checks periodically on the progress of students with exceptional needs, consults with parents and teachers, and generally coordinates plans to support students with such needs.
  • Students may be subject to an academic and/or social screening for admission and/or grade level placement.
  • Students are placed in grade level according to age and or previous schooling.
  • WIS classes are limited to 20 students per class. Students who wish to join WIS above the cap will be placed on a waiting list.
  • To be eligible for the waiting list, students must have formally applied to WIS.

3 simple steps to enroll

If you want to enroll your child to WIS, you will have to follow 3 simple steps. First of which will be submitting of a Enrollment Form.



Children who are 4 years old may be eligible for admission to Pre-Kindergarten.



Parents who would like to enroll their child at WIS should complete all necessary forms, starting with Enrollment Form, and submit some other documents.