szkola ATUT WIS Liecum Miedzynarodowe Wroclaw serce na nakretki

When to open our hearts, like not now?! ��� Just before Christmas, thanks to the initiative taken by students and parents of grade 1 AB (MYP4) of our sister school International High School of Wroclaw, a big red HEART found its place in front of our school building. Why?

Using this huge heart, youth collects bottle caps to help ill children. This activity is a part of Community Project – a component of IB programs implemented in our school.

Picking bottle caps is not everything. 1th grade students plan to give lectures in other grades about the process by which the collected cups turn into the necessary funds.

Now each of you – not only for Christmas – can easily help children. Everyday we are going to be reminded by our big Heart that even small gestures change lives of those in need…