We can not change what is past for the children but we can make even some small changes to their future… let’s continue to be a light to them.
Mrs. Wilmot, WIS PTA President
We are delighted to inform that WIS PTA – in frame of a couple of actions organized in the last weeks – has raised many Christmas gifts and 4450 PLN to support children of Wiosna Orphanage in Krzydlina Mała.
Yesterday a group of PTA representatives went to Wiosna to hand on all the gifts and money to the director of the house Sister Agata. The parents had a chance to see an almost ready new gym hall that PTA was helping to build with donations in previous years. The funds raised this year are going to be used for equipping the gym.
One of the fundraising activities was a game with guessing birthday dates of three big teddy bears called Benjis. The project involved not only WIS children but also the youngest students of our sister school ATUT Bilingual Primary School and the Benjis’ visits in classes were a source of huge excitation. Both youngest winners at WIS PYP and ATUT were smaller than the bears! At MYP the lucky winner was one of the teachers.
A great idea, lots of fun and fantastic results! Many thanks and congratulations to the PTA for organizing this actions and for their open hearts!