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Today we started the next edition of WIS annual Mother Tongue / Literacy Week.

We have planned a variety of activities to celebrate reading, writing and all of our mother tongue languages. Every day students will be asked to drop everything and read a book for about twenty minutes.

On the first day of the Mother Tongue / Literacy Week, students will wear a nametag with their favorite word in their mother tongue language.

Students from PreKindergarten to Grade 3 will “buddy read” with MYP students. They will have fun learning some new phrases in different languages and guessing the language of different songs, and more.

Friday is a dress up day. Students may dress as book characters or wear clothes connected to their home cultures.

Grade 4 students are going to present the history of International Mother Language Day and Grade 5 students are going to read picture books they created as part of their Unit of Inquiry. We will also announce the winner of a photo competition, and we will take photos of groups of students in their costumes.

Let’s celebrate our different mother tongues. literature and cultural diversity!