This week is all about celebrating Literacy Week. Read more about the planned activities!

MYP activities

In MYP we start with students reading to their PYP buddies on Monday. The next days will look as follows:

  • on Tuesday – Poem in the Pocket: the students are asked to print out or handwrite a poem and keep it in their pockets.
  • on Wednesday – Scavenger Hunt: Get ready to explore! Teachers will put up posters about their favourite authors and students will get a Scavenger Hunt sheet with questions. Their mission is to answer them by reading the posters prepared by teachers.
  • on Thursday – Museum of Artefacts: Each student brings an artefact from his/hers favourite book to the homeroom from Monday to Thursday. The artefacts will be collected in one room – The Museum of Artefacts, which will be visited by all students who will try to guess which books the artefacts refere to.
  • on Friday – Double Fun Day: PYP students will participate in a costume parade inspired by books. MYP students, will be the audience and a MYP jury will pick the best costumes. Later in the afternoon, MYP students will dive into a Literacy Quiz.

PYP activities

  • on Monday – Reading Buddies. PYP students listen to reading by MYP students
  • on Tuesday – poem in the Pocket
  • on Wednesday – Book Exchange day
  • on Thursday – Quiz day
  • on Friday – costume parade day

We hope all the prticipants will enjoy our Literacy Week and they will get new inspiration for reading more and more books!