An old Polish proverb says:

A guest in the house is God in the house

which expresses the essence of the Polish hospitality. The city of Wroclaw and the region of Lower Silesia are also known for their hospitality towards expatriate employers and their families.

They have prepared several presentations, which can make you feel at home in Wroclaw even if you are still in your home country preparing for the move to Poland. We also recommend also an easy city guide Wroclaw-Life containing information about cultural events, language, Wroclaw news and a vibrant expat – forum, where you can exchange information and find answers for many of your questions connected with living in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw offers diverse entertainment possibilities for your children too. There is an infrastructure for sports like: tennis, water activities, ice skating, horseback riding, quad riding, cycling and many more. They can continue their artistic development taking part in ballet, choir, dancing, painting or music courses and learn a new foreign language or a martial art. Some of the activities are offered by the school as extra-curricular lessons and Wolves Athletic Program  while others can be enjoyed in different clubs and institutions outside of the school.

Nor you nor your child will not have time for boredom!