During the second week of the winter holiday, students from Foundation for International Education (FIE) schools, including those from WIS, had the chance to explore renewable energy sources (RES) in a four-day workshop led by Mrs. Ewelina, a biology teacher, Mrs. Karolina, a physics teacher, and Mrs. Agata, a science teacher.

These sessions were a part of FIE’s initiative to modernize our building, funded jointly by the European Economic Area in collaboration with Poland, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein.

Throughout the workshops, participants acquired skills in devising and building renewable energy-based contraptions, delving into ways to optimize their functionality, and carrying out experiments. Thanks to the financial backing from the EEA, students had access to state-of-the-art educational aids like robots, models, and scientific experiment kits.

As a memento from the sessions, environmentally friendly gifts were handed out, including a thermal mug, notebook, and power bank, all funded by the grant.

We documented the occasion through photographs (check them out!) and a forthcoming video on the FIE schools’ YouTube channels.

In the local media, interviews with our teachers regarding the RES workshops were featured in the printed editions of Gazeta Piastowska and Express Wrocławski.

We trust that these additional educational initiatives focused on RES will further ignite the students’ enthusiasm for ‘green energy.’