PYP 5 was sharing their learning through the annual exhibition with the WIS community. This time the exhibition was organized on-line.

There were two days for presentations and 4 “Rooms” where the presentations took place. Each student was assigned to a specific room. All teachers logged in to their Google Classroom professional accounts could join as public. Also parents could observe from their children accounts. After each presentation there was time for questions, and the public could use the chat feature to type questions and get answers.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of the teachers and parents who watched the presentation. Although is was not possible to handover flowers and give hugs, the parents prepared special thanks and used our Facebook group to expressed their recognition to PYP5 students and teachers for preparing and completing this successful event.

Mrs. Morrell, the PYP 5 classroom teacher is proud of how much her pupils have learned and that they were presenting so well their achievements to the public!