Within the yesterday’s MYP Personal Project Presentations the students of Grade 5 were showing how do they put their learning into real-world practice.
The Personal Project as a crowining achievment of learning in Middle Years Programme is a great opportunity for students to take meaningful action into something they are passionate about. It gives them the chance to inquire using the inquiry cycle from their experiences in the MYP so that they can be self-motivated citizens of the world who want to continue lifelong learning.
Our MYP5 students were presenting their works in front of MYP1-MYP4 students and their supervising teachers.
The spectrum of topics undertaken was very wide and included:
  • business
  • healthy life style
  • cosmetology
  • war in Ukraine
  • fashion industry problems
  • the roots of dentistry
  • social issues
  • baseball
  • automotive safety
  • history of Japan
  • Eastern philosophy
  • beekeeping
  • sulflur mining machinery
  • art of painting
  • baking (in international perspective)
  • car tuning
  • phoptography.

It was a pleasure to listen and watch the presentations, and the audience had also its role in filling out on-line questionnaires and surveys as a direct feedback for the authors.

Congratulations to MYP5 and their supervising teachers! Well done, everybody!