WIS Mother Tongue Week 2019 (1)


The annual Mother Tongue & Literacy Week started last Monday. Among many activities for PYP and MYP students you can find the following:

February 25 – Monday
Start of activities, Assembly, Usborne Book Fair, Parents reading in mother tongues for PYP

February 26 – Tuesday
PYP – Language Survey Lessons, Hanging Books, Quiz and Word Wall

MYP – Articulate – Quiz and Word Wall, Black out Poetry, Language extinction Lesson, Usborne Book Fair

February 28 – Thursday
What Book I am? – Students dress up as their favourite book character or draw the symbols of their favourite books on t-shirts. There will be awards for the Most Representative, the Most original and the Most effort disguise.

March 1 – Friday
PYP – Spelling Bee, Articulate, Parent reading, Hanging Books

MYP – Parent Mother Tongue lessons, Hanging Books, Spelling Bee

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