An entrance to the classroom hidden in a green thicket… Lianas hanging from the ceiling… Huge monkeys watching people… This is not a set design for “The Jungle Book”. It is Grade PYP 2 classroom prepared to host visitors at an exceptional exhibition!

The Grade 2 students, inspired by their teacher, prepared an exhibition with the main idea: “Animals need to adapt to their environment in order to survive”. They invited their peers and staff members to visit and learn about rainforests and animals living in this habitat. The guests could visit the room both personally in groups and online.

As a preparation for the exhibit the students were inquiring the following topics:

  • Why animals need to adapt?
  • What are people’s rights and responsibilities toward animal habitats?
  • How animals have changed over time?

The aim of this process was to make the students understand what adaptation is and why animals need to adapt to their environment. Students have learned about different types of animals by exploring animal classifications. They have also learned about different types of adaptations strategies and developed understanding for different types of adaptation features.

The exhibition was a great success and the central attraction of the day. Thank you, Grade 2 for this fantastic journey into the rainforest and science and revealing some secrets of the animal world!