Wolves Official Logo (since 2007)

Are you paying your annual tax? Do you know that 1% of your tax can support Wolves Athletic Program at the school?

IHSW parents and friends can support development of the school by dedicating 1% of their Polish income tax for school’s governing body –Foundation of International Education – a public charity organization.

This year we want to ask you for support the “Wolves” Athletic Program. We encourage you to donate 1% of your tax for this aim!

Filling in your PIT (Polish tax declaration form) please add:

  • Foundation’s KRS number: 0000041253 (column “Numer KRS”)
  • Amount of 1% of your income tax
  • Specify the aim of your donation “Wolves” (column: „Informacje uzupełniające”/ “Cel szczegółowy”).