The PYP Grade 1 students have been learning about goods and services and the elements of trading systems as well as money. For their summative assessment, they have set up a little shop ‘The Grade 1 Market’ in their classroom to sell fun items they have made out of recycling materials.

Other grades are invited to visit Grade 1 little shop and buy products from the kids who have been making them with so much enthusiasm.

The aim of this assessment is:

  • to put students’ knowledge into practice and show this in an interactive exhibition,
  • to bring the community together by interacting with each other,
  • to allow students to experience real life shopping.

After the assessment the students will reflect on their experience and decide by voting, how they will spend the money raised from the activity connecting this to the first lines of inquiry ‘We have different needs and wants’.

Maria Potocka – Hughes 

PYP Grade 1 Teacher