This week we celebrate Mother Tongue Week in our school. A number of activities will happen in order to promote all the Mother Tongues of our school. The activities will be age related. In PYP  we will have badge activity every day. The reading activity led by Parent volunteers will take place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There also will be a game activity led by MYP student volunteers. On Wednesday there will be an assembly dedicated to popular tales in students’ mother tongues. At MYP campus we will have music day to promote music from students’ countries. On Wednesday the Language Battle will take place. The most important event will happen on Friday. MYP students, together with ATUT students, are organizing the first International Reading Marathon. The students will be reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in different languages. All the money raised before and during the Marathon will be spent on a vacation for orphans from an orphanage we are cooperating with. Enjoy Mother Tongues with WIS!