3rd grade computer time

Modern technologies

In our schools we use the modern information technologies. A number of computers with Internet access and multimedia educational programmes are generally available for our students. Other tools for work with students, in addition to traditional computers are:

  • mobile multimedia tablets of the new generation
  • Mobile Computer Laboratories (cabinets with laptops and multimedia projectors to use in any classroom)
  • PCs with the newest software
  • stationary and portable multimedia projectors
  • cameras

Teaching facilities

Our students learn in optimal environment / conditions – the maximum number of pupils per class is 18, which allows teachers to focus on the individual needs of their students.

WIS students take advantage of the following facilities at Zielinskiego Campus:

  • modernly equipped science laboratories and classrooms (see below)
  • a theater with audiovisual facilities, lighting, stage and multimedia projector
  • a sport hall and a second smaller sport hall for gymnastics, dance and yoga
  • cosy, functional classrooms
  • a modern, international library with the Multimedia Centre and a reading room
  • a big canteen, where hot meals are supplied by catering
  • a small school shop with healthy food and a cafeteria
  • comfortable after school care rooms
  • wide, bright hallways with places to rest


In our school one of the main principles is to ensure the security of our wards. That is why…

  • the school is monitored by a security agency round the clock
  • the facility is monitored by a camera system
  • a private ambulance is contracted
  • we take care of the fire protection system and regularly practice fire drills
  • our teaching staff is trained in providing first aid
  • we provide continuous care of psychologist and school counsellor
  • we insure our students against accidents
  • we teach the rules of safety and healthy living