Being taught in small classes made studying extremely effective

Vera attended WIS between 2008 and 2010. Now she is a student at Martin – Luther – Univers˜tát in Halle (Germany), studying Economics and Sociology.

What I appreciated the most during my time at WIS was being taught in small classes. That made studying extremely effective. No one had to be afraid of being left behind since the teacher had the chance to spend time with a student individually when needed. The atmosphere was a lot more concentrated than in the public schools I went to.

When we ask about the impact of WIS on her current life, she answers:

I’m very glad of having connection to Poland today. (…) I was so impressed by the hospitality of Polish people that I’m thinking about coming back to study a term abroad. Being in WIS made me curious to explore a country I’ve never visited before.

Thank you, Vera and we are waiting for your visit!

alumni picture vera schramm